YEBY Associates

Specializing in LED & Solid State Lighting Industry


We work with a diverse group of leading participants in this industry, including: 

        1. Venture capitalists & Investors

        2. Leading public companies

        3. Emerging start-ups

        4. Government agencies, both domestic and overseas

        5. Market research firms

        6. Media outlets

Our team has:

        1. In-depth knowledge of the industry

        2. Technical expertise in optical systems, LEDs, lighting systems

        3. Excellent rapport with key players in North America, Japan, Asia & Europe

        4. Close relationship with venture capitalists and investors

How we can help you:

        1. Business development

        2. Technical review

        3. Market research studies

        4. Go-to market strategies

        5. Connect with principals of the industry

        6. Understand the dynamics and ecosystem of the industry


YEBY Associates is a Silicon Valley-based consulting firm that specializes in the LED and Solid State Lighting Industry.

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